VEC Newsletter April 2016


Parents’ Changing Feelings About Vaccines

Parents’ Changing Feelings About Vaccines We are interested in learning about the ways parents’ opinions and concerns about childhood vaccinations change over time. If you have a child ages 6-12 years, and your thoughts and feelings about vaccinations have changed since you first became a parent, you may be eligible to participate in a confidential interview.

VEC Investigator, Dr. Julie Bettinger, to answer vaccination questions at Science World event

VEC Academic Rounds

Wednesday, June 8th, 2016 CFRI Room 3113 12:00 – 1:00 pm Presenter: Byron Brook, PhD Student “Non-specific effects of vaccines: BCG protects from septic death”

Free family flu vaccination clinic at BC Children’s Hospital

Had your flu shot this year? We want to hear about it.

This study is now closed. What is the study? Every year, the Canadian National Vaccine Safety (CANVAS) network conducts an influenza (flu) safety surveillance survey. The study is a rapid online assessment of the annual influenza vaccination programs at seven sites across Canada. More than 20,000 people who receive their flu vaccine participate. Why are we doing this study? The […]

Why are there dangerous ingredients in vaccines? MinuteEarth explains!

Vaccinology Research Symposium

Vaccine coverage in Canadian children: Results from the National Immunization Coverage Survey released

Congratulations to Dr. Gina Ogilvie for successfully securing over two million in funding from CIHR